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Fuel tanks protection

Covers for wings are huge, and take lots of room in a small aeroplane. Taking them with you on a longer trip abroad is a bit cumbersome – you could use that room for other practical things. Travelling without them could (but not necessarily will) end up in deformed fuel tanks, in case of hot weather.

On my last trip to Stralsund, I had refuelled my OY-9797, and left it parked in the sun. When I returned to the airfield from a nice day in the city, I could see that fuel, due to expanding in the sunny spot, had been running out of the tanks.

There I got an idea: why not make small covers, that would only cover fuel tanks? Light silver fabric would reflect the sunlight, they would be perfect for any trip!

At home, I did some measurements, and made a quick prototype.

It looked good, and after some time a new product was ready.

The small hole for the fuel tank lid was the most difficult part to sue! It is on purpose, I made it small, so that it would help to keep the cover in place in windy weather conditions.  And I wanted to make it visible – so I added a bright yellow ribbon, which was a nightmare to sue on 🙂

Covers are fastened below wings with the help of webbing straps with buckles. Then of course, an indication of left and right sides, to make it easier for pilot:

Two such small covers don’t fill more than approx. 17 x 10 x 2 cm together, and the weight of both is only 200g!

If you you would like to read more about the product, please click this link.