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Where to keep all the small stuff?

It was June 2020, and I was planning my 4-week flying vacation in Sweden. In an ultralight aircraft, you always think of how to pack reasonably. The Aeroprakt A22LS is actually not that bad – its baggage container quite large, but as a pilot, you often want to keep lots of practical things at hand.

I had often looked at those empty rooms near the wings roots in the cockpit and wondered, why on Earth didn’t Aeroprakt design something useful there, when they designed such a great aircraft?!

I wanted to utilise that free space, and began dreaming of possible solutions. Well, the easiest would be to sew a kind of a pocket with a zipper, I thought. But what fabric? It had to be stylish, durable, and very light. How could I make sure it would be there, and not fall out?

First, I created a prototype. There were lots of measurements and endless adjustments, but it turned out to become a very nice zipped compartment that could stay there with the help of a self-adhesive tape.

I’ve been using my side compartments for more than 1.5 years now, and I’m so happy about them. I keep lots of practical things there, like headset batteries, glasses, spare parts for my GoPro. You can see the left one of them on the photo, where a blue arrow points at:

I tend to land around sunset, and I like cleaning my Aeroprakt immediately after a flight, preparing it for the next one. Then it’s easy to find my head lamp, a bottle of a window polisher spray, or a package of wet wipes for propeller.

Small things can sometimes make a big difference.