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Why covers?

Before I became an ultralight aircraft pilot, I was flying gliders. Every morning we would come to the hangar, remove the covers from our gliders and put them in a container, so that they would be kept clean. After a flying day, all gliders were cleaned, and covers put on again. I became used to take good care of an aircraft I fly.

When I began flying ultralight, I was surprised that only a few pilots used covers for their aircraft, though they of course looked good after their powered birds. I thought, as soon as I get my own aeroplane, I would sew some nice covers for it.

My Aeroprakt A22LS was delivered in April 2020, and a couple of months later I got started.

Design first. I wanted a light canopy cover to start from. Something I could easily bring with me on a flight trip, that would protect from the sunlight when parked outside, or from bird droppings if in a hangar.

How should it look like? What material to use? How small and light, but still functional can it be? I had seen lots of covers. The ones professionally made where way too heavy to carry around on a flight trip, they would have filled all my baggage space! The home-made ones often looked a kind of primitive… And the cover, I received from the Aeroprakt, didn’t fit. I could make it much better.

To measure an aircraft is quite difficult, especially if you want your cover to fit nicely. When I realised that, I decided to make a prototype first.

It took so much time! Measuring, taking pictures from different angles, creating patterns, trying different fabrics, sewing, fitting, and again. I realised, to cut fabric for such a project, one needs a table of approx. 5m x 2m, and if possible, even bigger. I had tried to do it on the floor, but it didn’t give nice results!

Long story short, I didn’t give up. In the end, my cover turned out to be so beautiful! The fit was simply perfect.

After using it for a while on short day trips, and in the hangar, I took it with me on a 3-week flying vacation in April 2021. It was a cold spring, with frost at night. In the mornings, my Aeroprakt was covered in rime ice. But surfaces under the canopy cover were clean! It also protected from rain, I found out.

I was amazed, how easy and practical my canopy cover was, and decided to offer it as a product to my fellow pilots. It takes very long time to make, and money-wise I will never get 100% paid for those weeks of hard work. But I still think any good cover is such a great thing to have, and I’m willing to put my energy into it.